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Public Monument

monument for FM radio, 2011, London

Public Monument is a proposal for a radio tower that will remain dormant until the year 2021, when it will broadcast sounds that were recorded during dates and times shown below. (17 Mar to 3 Apr, 2011)

During this silent decade -- between recording and broadcast -- the very nature of radio will have transformed as stations are intended to cease broadcasting on the FM band and move to digital transmission.

Thursday 17th March
Open Music Archive, 6.30-8.30 pm

Friday 18th
David Morris, 12-1 pm

Saturday 19th
Brave New World read by Aldous Huxley, CBS Radio Workshop, 1956

Monday 21st
Bradford Bailey in conversation with Sean Dockray, 3.30-5 pm

Tuesday 22nd
Imogen Stidworthy, 12-1 pm

Wednesday 23rd
Rebecca Court, 3-4 pm
David Horvitz, 5 pm

Thursday 24th
David Knight, 5-6 pm

Friday 25th
Nick Thurston, 1-1.10 pm

Saturday 26th

Sunday 27th
Matthew Fuller, 4-5 pm

Monday 28th
Dante Rendle Traynor, 11.30am
False Karaoke Opera
Max Graef, 2pm

Tuesday 29th
Paul Elliman, 12.30pm

Untitled RCA emergency evacuation procedure (or How to get out of here), voice by RCA security guard Chris X, Tuesday 29th March, 2011

Wednesday 30th
Amnudenda in conversation with David Raymond Conroy, 11am

Thursday 31st
Department 21, 11 am-6 pm

Friday 1st April
Hepzibah Rendle-Short, 10.30am
Sarah Jones, 11am
Phil Maguire, 11.30am
Ann Abraham (NHS ombudsman), 3 pm

Saturday 2nd April
Owen Hatherley, 2pm
Celine Condorelli, Negotiation Piece, 4 pm

Sunday 3rd April
Lucia Pietroiusti on the share-ability in social interaction, 11am
Piya Malik, 3 pm

Please note that this schedule is open to alterations and will change over the course of the exhibition. Anyone is welcome to invited to make contributions to Public Monument - if the recording studio is free please do come in and share a reflection, a story, a reading or conversation. Everything can be heard in a separate Listening Room at the moment it is recorded, once, before the broadcast in 2021. For more information, see:

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