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A tribute to fallen police officers.

This one is Yoko's favorite.

Holy sh*t im subscribing immediately!

que mierda es eso me asechoperder 4 minutos de mi vida gilipollas

Play this one and #26507 together.... woa... Trippy

Delete this crap before I flag as utterly useless.


This hurts my ears

5781 is the first harmonic into 1000

It is between 5779 and 5780 as 678-358=320 sqrt by 3 Have a nice day!


aaaaaaa My Ears Hurt

I agree...the beauty of this video is incomprehensible

This song owns Justin Bieber!

Better than Rebecca Black!!!

This one hurts actually!!!!!!

meu ovo

No wonder you managed to upload over 24 thousand "videos"!

What the fuck?

All Glory To The Hypno-Toad

This one hurts.


This video is 4 minutes long, I can see myself in the reflection of my computer screen, the video makes a clicking noise when I pause and unpause it, the strip in the center is violet, there is no stimulating audio to go along with this video(which is not stimulating). Logical conclusion #'s 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 for me.



How logical!

(12 x 2012) + 1776 = 25,920

was ist denn das

lol 69

what the hell is this. i had a weird ass dream and this girl i used to date told was giving this other girl instructions to go to youtube and type in 25252 and all i keep finding is weird ass shit

My logical conclusion: comment #17

My logical conclusion: comment #16

My logical conclusion: comment #6

My logical conclusion: comment #5

My logical conclusion: comment #4

My logical conclusion: comment #3

My logical conclusion: comment #1


....did your wife hang up the phone? after cheating?

what. the. fuck?

Love this

Your videos confuse me...what exactly is the point in them?

owww what the fuck is this?? It hurts my ears!


I like the warm feeling of this one, particularly at 3:42

ITS OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

butt wiener


by logical he means completely without logic.

I worked on this in the 90's... I'm not sure how to develop it any further. You think we should rangs it? Should just rangs it?

@blackyinblack lol meiner auch

This one is my favorite

What is this

Epic vid !!! Thumbs up !!!

LIFE IS LIFE Red, Blue and Yellow (complementer of Purple Moses II. 911) apropo 911 Master Card code system and gematria: IXI = 9_11 So ASAP: Food, Water, Fish and Rabbit + Bible or Quaran and go to the underground in 2012 and 20/12= 1.666... Master number 1 is the God and +666 - satanic tale for Big Fools Boys...and Girls..Luc i Fer = Lux and Ferro (Black and White) Capisce? GoLF = Go to Lucifer ELI(T) game with our taxes and savings for their survival plan...FOOOLS Open Your Mind!


Damn! This is hella interesting! I put on 3 and there's this weird noise, but when I put them on separately it doesn't make the noise...dude. I understand now. This must've been some high school project or some shit like that.

lol, these are my luck numbers. 2,3,9,13

Very Avant Garde

dude wtf


DUDE ETTE AWESOME VIDEO!!!! NO KIDDING I LOVE IT Had To Be A Rough Time Putting All the Pieces Together?


Also hahahahaha


yea 2nd 2

??????????what the fuck is the point its annoying

kick ass vid nigger


one of the best


born 11.29.53 29.53 x 2 =59.06(me) on 12,21,12...59.06 x 383.89(lunar)days per yr 22,672 days

a TIME 5,125 YRS,A HALF TIME,10250 YRS AND 2562.5=17,937 YRS DIV BY 3.5=5,125 YRS

Logical conclusion that we are starting the fifth age of man,each age 5,125 yrs x 5 =25625 yrs.And I realized,I had to keep breathing,and tomorrow is another day,besides,who knows what the tide may bring....

Sounds like a purring cat

@DoctorFist yeah so

move ur head fowards and backwards :D


No, scary patato

Soundas like my telephone before i press the buttons lol


Wow, i feel my body shake lol

I can make my neighbours crazy if i pump up the volume of my speakers (and even myselve) :p

Heavy shit



cool story

@MagnusRulerHardt My fav too (?)

best. video. ever.


5/5 very rare xD



Yep, this video pretty much sums it all up.


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