Johanne Løgstrup
January & Febuary 2010

Jette Ellgaard, Forsamlingshus/Village hall, 2009, 3 min.

In the video work Village Hall a group of local people are staged in one of the so-called Village Halls that you find on the countryside of Denmark. Here people used to meet and have gatherings of all kinds. Ellgaard has used the opportunity to gather people of a certain area of the west coast country life of Denmark where she herself comes from. She has asked them to dress up and perform a traditional song and dance that you very seldom hear today. The outcome is a form of vacuum of time emphasized with the video being played in loop, but in a certain way Ellgaard also points without an ironic distance to the change of traditions and peoples' way of being together.

Rikke Benborg, It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards, 2008, 10 min.

In the black and white video It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards a young girl is moving around inspecting plain rooms and her own presence in them. Sometimes the rooms, that all seem to be the same, are small and narrow for the girl, while other times she becomes small and insignificant. Are the rooms real or are we placed in the mind of the girl, following her mental stage changing from rational to irrational? Benborg seems to set up a psycho-play with her work about in and out, up and down, conscious and unconscious.

Vladimir Tomic, Trilogy, 2004, 4 min., 7 min. and 8 min.

The Trilogy is comprised of the 3 video works: Dead Nature and Movements (4 min.), The Mailman (7 min.) and The Pianist (8 min.). Together they are about the everyday lives of three people at a Danish old people's home. Tomic deals with the sad and hard facts of becoming old in western society where old people are institutionalized. He makes three individual portraits in which he puts focus on time and identity. His tool is a mixture of documentaries and set stage.

Cecilia Westerberg, Cry me a river, 2007, 4 min.

Cry Me a River is a hand-drawn animated music video that deals with circular time in a twisted way. It is a fairy-tale told backwards where an old woman is looking down at a puddle in front of her. Water is sucked up through her feet and transformed into tears. Instead of falling the tears float upwards to the sky and are sucked up into a cloud. The cloud moves and finds a river in which it rains into. In the first part of the film the woman is old, she is then transformed into a younger woman crying, and in the last scene she is a little girl swimming in the river. You can find a small selection of Cecilia Westergaards artist books available at Ooga Booga.

Video by Jette Ellgaard
Jette Ellgaard, Forsamlingshus/Village hall, 2009
Located at The Public School
Video by Rikke Benborg
Rikke Benborg, It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards, 2008
Located at Fong's
Video by Vladimir Tomic
Vladimir Tomic, Trilogy, 2004
Located at Via Cafe
Video by Cecilia Westerberg
Cecilia Westerberg, Cry me a river, 2007
Located at Ooga Booga