Jochen Dehn
presented by Bétonsalon. July 2009

Bétonsalon, a Paris-based center for art and research, has selected four videos by Jochen Dehn to be shown during July at the Distributed Gallery.

Jochen Dehn, born in 1968, lives in Paris. He was Bétonsalon's artist in residence in 2008. His practice as a performer takes various forms including theatrical performances in apartments, mud wrestling, works for an actress and an elephant, games with the detectors in the Louvre and a homage to the invention of Velcro. By engaging the body and the space around it, Jochen Dehn expands upon forms and strategies that tend to reveal contact zones and thus to reduce the distance that separates the body from its possible collisions.

Bétonsalon is a multidisciplinary art and research centre. Bétonsalon is located within a university, in a new Parisian district, called ZAC Paris Rive Gauche.

Video by Jochen Dehn
From How Monster are Made and Why You Need Them
Video by Jochen Dehn
From The Answer to Your Next Question is Yes
Video by Jochen Dehn
From Ausziehen 2
Video by Jochen Dehn
From Geysir