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Distributed Gallery

an exploded exhibition space for video art in Chinatown, Los Angeles, 2008-2010

Every exhibition at the Distributed Gallery is accompanied by a conversation. There are no press releases, curatorial texts, or anything of that sort - just a fairly in-depth conversation, which is what follows this introduction.

The Distributed Gallery, of course, has no place. There is no at, or there are several ats: at the time of this writing they are on top of a cabinet at Fong's, on a book display table at Ooga Booga, at the entrance to The Public School, and in the back hallway next to the bathrooms at Via Cafe. It is situated in little bits of the real world, or otherwise non-art gallery places (although the operators of these establishments may take issue with the classification).

Televisions can fit in anywhere, but always seem out of place. In the last day, I've seen television screens at the gas station next to the pumps, in an aisle at the supermarket, in my bedroom, on the bus, and across from the counter at the corner store. The stuff on these televisions is similarly diverse from trivia to the news to racy Asian cinema to Lost.

The people that have agreed to make a show for the Distributed Gallery (not always artists or curators) have agreed to dive into this messy (but extremely familiar) territory and simultaneously participate in the conversation mentioned above.

Although the transcript has been edited and rearranged, the text that follows remains faithful to the original exchange.

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